Weekly Update | 3/25/20

So far, I have been recuperating my declining knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet. I am not confident about the shorthand handwriting, rather I much prefer the standardized version that most closely resembles the printed version. I am also still concerned with writing more with hand than typing it because I am still not comfortable with it.

As for the common words that compose of Hebrew grammar, I figured it would be easy to write them down in order to truly develop proficiency in it.

  • this: zeh
  • why: lamah
  • or: oh
  • and: ve
  • because: ki
  • who: mi
  • with: im
  • place: makom
  • then: az
  • what: mah
  • more: yotel
  • of: shel
  • only: rak
  • when: matai
  • where: efoh
  • how much: kamah
  • how: eicho
  • which: eizeh

I have also taken the moment to study the pocket dictionary that I used for reference, specifically by reading the words in the Alef chapter.

I also want to take a moment to explain my reasons for studying Hebrew. It is for secular purposes, specifically I am fascinated by its revival in the modern times, how a language that was reserved within synagogues and yeshivas has become one of the most important languages in the world in terms of influence.

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